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Can the used sunshade net continue to be recycled

Under normal circumstances, the service life of the sunshade net is very long, but at the same time, its damage cannot be avoided, so what should be done if it cannot be used? Can it be reused twice? I believe everyone will consider this issue. So do you know where it goes after use? First of all, its use time will be very long, but in this process, it will inevitably be pulled or damaged.

Green White Shade Net 100GSM
Green White Shade Net 100GSM

However, after such a situation occurs, we must replace the damaged shading net in time, and at the same time Professional staff is needed to replace it, so everyone must be thinking what to do with the abandoned shading net? Wouldn't that be a waste? In terms of its character, it cannot be used again, but it does not mean that it cannot be reused in other places, which means that although it cannot be used as a sunshade net, it can be used in other places. make use of it.

Then everyone must ask again what else can it be used for after it is abandoned! First of all, the workers will wash the discarded sunshade net accordingly, because it must be very dirty in the middle, so we need to wash it in time; It is ground for secondary processing, and at this point you may wonder why you are grinding it, because you need to make sure that its secondary sales will not be affected.

Then, other products are generated and continue to be sold. Although it is reused, it will not affect the regenerated products. Please rest assured to buy! It is precisely because of this that it is environmentally friendly and hygienic without affecting the environment.