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Do sunshade nets block harmful UV rays?

Yes, sunshade nets are designed to block harmful UV rays from the sun. UV radiation consists of UVA and UVB rays, which can cause damage to the skin, eyes, and overall health when exposed to them for prolonged periods. Sunshade nets are typically made with materials that have UV-blocking properties, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene.

The UV-blocking effectiveness of sunshade nets is measured by their UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating. A higher UPF rating indicates a greater ability to block UV rays. Sunshade nets with a high UPF rating, such as UPF 50+, can block up to 98% of harmful UV radiation.

When properly installed and used, sunshade nets create a shaded area that helps reduce the intensity of direct sunlight and UV exposure. They provide a protective barrier that shields people, plants, or objects beneath them from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Using sunshade nets in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, or playgrounds, can create a safer environment by minimizing UV exposure. In agriculture, sunshade nets can help protect crops from excessive sunlight and reduce the risk of sunburn or heat stress.

However, it's important to note that while sunshade nets provide UV protection, they do not completely eliminate UV radiation. It is still recommended to use additional sun protection measures, such as wearing sunscreen, protective clothing, and sunglasses, especially during peak sun hours.

Blue Shade Net 130GSM
Blue Shade Net 130GSM
6-pin blue shade mesh with tonal overlock. The sunshade net is made of polyethylene (HDPE) material with about 1-5% UV stabilizer and antioxidant. The size can be customized, and its maximum width can reach 12 meters. The weight per square gram of the shading net is 130 grams, and the shading rate can reach 95%. Because of its bright colors and high shading rate, the shading net can better protect privacy, so it is often used in courtyards or family places.