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Does the construction of the anti-hail net affect the fruit

Although hailstorms do not last long, they often cause huge economic losses to agricultural production and people's lives in a short period of time, and are highly random, sudden and regional. Setting up hail nets for orchards is an effective new method to reduce hail disasters.

Brown White Shade Net 100GSM
Brown White Shade Net 100GSM
1. From the HDPE fencing net temperature in the orchard, see the influence of the hail prevention net on the orchard. We compared surface temperatures in orchards with and without hail nets. The former warms up slowly during the day and cools down slowly at night, and the range of change is relatively slow. During the day, the anti-hail net blocks the radiation of the sun and reduces the sharp rise of ground temperature; at night, the anti-hail net blocks the radiation of the ground and slows down the sharp drop of ground temperature. The uniform change of the temperature of each layer of the soil can promote the up and down movement of water vapor in the soil, and accelerate the decomposition of organic matter and various salts.
2. In terms of soil moisture, the orchard is equipped with anti-hail nets to reduce the amount of evaporation on the ground, form a small space between the surface and the anti-hail net, cut off the soil moisture and the atmosphere in the communication channel, and form an anti-hail net. Soil-to-soil water circulation improves soil water use efficiency. Relatively speaking, the porous and mesh-like characteristics of the hail-proof net not only effectively increase the soil water content, but also ensure the normal photosynthesis of fruit trees and avoid the occurrence of fruit tree rot caused by high temperature and high humidity.
3. In terms of air humidity, the relative humidity of orchards with hail-proof nets changed slowly, and the relative humidity of orchards without hail-proof nets changed more rapidly. Conducive to the normal growth of fruit trees.Therefore, the construction of hail prevention net not only will not hinder the growth of fruits, but also promote the growth of fruits and provide a better growth environment for fruits.