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How to store the shade net after use

The sunshade net has the functions of heat preservation, moisture retention, dustproof and shading. It is widely used in green greenhouses. We need to keep it properly after use, so what is its storage method?

Brown Black Shade Net 100GSM

Brown Black Shade Net 100GSM

When you want to put it away and store it, you first need to choose a suitable weather, dry and roll up the net, cover it on the ground, and then remove the net and roll it up after the morning dew is dry. Secondly, in the process of drying, it is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of contamination, and if it is contaminated, it can be cleaned with a sprayer and put away after drying.

It needs to be stored in a ventilated and dark place, and stored on a shelf, and pay attention to preventing insects and rodents. After a period of time, it should be checked to ensure that it is of acceptable quality, and it should be turned frequently to avoid moisture and mildew.

The environment where the sunshade net is stored must have good ventilation effect, and at the same time avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it is easy to age and reduce the lifespan. At the same time, different protection methods need to be done in different seasons.