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Light transmittance of greenhouse shading net

The main function of the sunshade net for greenhouses is to shade direct sunlight, and at the same time, it also has the effect of blocking rainstorms, and hail, moisturizing, and heat preservation. The commonly used greenhouse sunshade nets mainly include round wire outer sunshade nets and aluminum foil inner sunshade nets.

180GSM grey sunshade sail

This shade sail is made of polyethylene with about 1-5% UV stabilizers and antioxidants. The size can be customized, and its maximum width can reach 12 meters. The weight per square gram of the protective net is 180 grams, and the shading rate can reach more than 95%. The shade sail is wrapped with rolled edges, a whole nylon webbing runs through the whole net, and a special sewing method, which makes it far stronger than other net products in terms of firmness. In addition, 304 stainless steel horseshoe buckles are installed on the four corners for easy installation. While effectively blocking ultraviolet rays, the fabric does not produce any odor, and is very high in terms of environmental protection and safety.

The round wire outer sunshade net means that the warp and weft are made of round wire, which is the round wire sunshade net. The round wire outer sunshade net has the advantages of strong tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, strong UV resistance, and lightweight. The light transmittance of the round wire outer sunshade net is conventionally 60%, 70%, 85%, etc. The light transmittance needs to be reasonably selected according to the demand for light in the greenhouse.
The aluminum foil inner sunshade net is a sunshade net composed of aluminum foil, HDPE film, and HDPE monofilament. The advantages of aluminum foil sunshade nets are sunshade and cooling, water saving and heat preservation, ventilation and energy saving, anti-condensation and no dripping, and fewer shadows when folded. The light transmittance of the aluminum foil sunshade net is divided into 15%, 55%, and 65%. It is generally used in the interior of intelligent greenhouses and ecological restaurants.
The fully closed light curtain refers to a sunshade net with a light transmittance of 99%. It is also divided into a round wire outer sunshade net and an aluminum foil inner sunshade net to meet its special use requirements. For example, wedding celebrations are held inside ecological restaurants, and use of edible mushroom greenhouses.