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What are the advantages of using greenhouse shade nets in agriculture

Greenhouse shade nets aren’t exactly new to plant growers anywhere. Whether you want to grow exotic  fruits or vegetables, these agriculture nets will offer you multiple advantages and better produce.For one thing, shade nets have been found to be suitable for a variety of plant species ranging from medicinal types to spices and of course, agricultural plants. They are easy to install, cost-efficient, and are reliable no matter what the climate is.

Plus, you can easily prepare them with a few wire or iron ropes lying around your tool shed.Among the best benefits, you can get from shade nets are temperature control in your greenhouse or nursery, the improvement of light quality, and protection from harsh weather like rain or super sunny days. And working in a cool and shaded environment is definitely a huge bonus too!

As for sunshade net water consumption, most quality shade nets like those produced locally by Sunsafe Agrotextiles Pvt Ltd, are designed to reduce the required water that your plants need especially during the dry season by decreasing hot wind that blows on your plants by about 40% to prevent them from shrinking and dehydrating.Now, if you are wondering which vegetables work the best with shade nets, root crops such as capsicum, gherkin, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes, as well as leafy greens like broccoli, cauliflower and spinach are your best bets.