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What are the applications of the shade net room

Usually, they are primarily useful to protect crops such as corn, tomatoes or peppers from various conditions that may inhibit growth such as too much sun or not enough heat.They also increase crop yield because of their ability to extend certain growing seasons, enabling farmers to grow more in less time.Shade net houses are often used by agribusinesses. That specialize in producing large quantities of one product for distribution purposes.Shade Net Houses provide an effective solution for growing tomatoes without harming them with too much light.Shade net houses are commonly helpful in agriculture to prevent over-heating of crops.

Shade net houses provide farmers with temperature control, protection from pests, and reduced water consumption. These factors allow farmers to produce high-quality crops in areas of varying climatic conditions.Shade nets are structures that cover vegetable gardens or orchards, providing shade for crop cultivation. They are usually made of polypropylene mesh attached to steel poles on an aluminium frame.Agro net comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Many factors need to be considered before making a decision about where to put your structure. Shade net houses are normally used as structures for plant growth.

An important aspect of site selection when working with a structure like a shade net house is wind protection because without adequate wind protection plants will not thrive inside a confined space like an unventilated polyhouse or shade net house.Wind speed and direction influence heat loss from buildings which means windbreaks must be provided wherever structural solidity allows.Shade net houses need electricity for illumination at night. And they require electricity for ventilation fans to circulate air. In hot climates.For this, you can either make an easy assessment of electricity directly from the electricity pole or you can go for the Solar panels.

Shade net agriculture sun shade net houses use electricity from solar panels during daylight hours and store excess energy in batteries for use at night, eliminating human error.Shade nets are a form of polyethylene, meaning they will deteriorate in UV light. Rainwater that collects on your nets should be tested at least twice per year for pH, general hardness (GH), total dissolved solids (TDS) and chlorine.Normal values for these tests vary according to a water source but our agronomists recommend ensuring that GH levels remain below 200 ppm, TDS below 500 ppm and pH levels above 6.5 – 7.0 to ensure a healthy environment for your crops.