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What are the benefits of outdoor shade

1. Thermal insulation performance. Outdoor shading systems can greatly save energy for building cooling and heating. Windows are the main channel for daytime lighting, but they also bring a lot of trouble: For example, in winter, it loses valuable indoor heat energy to the outside; in summer, excess heat is transferred indoors, making people need a lot of electricity to balance the indoor temperature. The external shading system is installed outdoors and has the thermal insulation effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer.

2. Outdoor sunshade net and sound insulation performance. Usually people want to have a quiet room, especially near the street and highway. Using an outdoor shading system can greatly improve the sound insulation of a building. Especially the metal curtain wall system, the sound insulation and noise reduction effect is obvious.

3. Sunscreen and sunshade performance. People want sunshine to warm their rooms in winter, but the scorching sun in summer is the last thing people want to see. Only a small part of the light is reflected by the glass window at this time, but most of it is directed into the room through the glass window. So people put forward the requirement of shading. By installing an outdoor shading system, the sun can be blocked, the light entering the room can be adjusted, and the indoor heat can be reduced, with good sun protection and shading effect.

4. Outdoor sunshade anti-theft performance. External sunshade products, especially aluminum alloy roller shutters, venetian blinds, and metal awning systems, are an aesthetic building protection device. The fully enclosed external sunshade system can prevent the glass window from being damaged by bricks and small balls, and can also prevent the intrusion of thieves. In terms of anti-theft, it can prevent the intrusion of thieves to a certain extent, and greatly improve the anti-theft performance of the building.