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What color vegetable shade cloth

As time enters summer, the light becomes stronger, the temperature rises, and the temperature in the greenhouse is also higher. Excessive light will affect the growth of vegetables, so the customer wants to reduce the temperature and light intensity in the greenhouse. Shade nets or shading nets are correct Choice, this is the advantage of the shade net. Usually agricultural shade nets are available in black and silver-gray.

Black has high shading rate, good cooling effect and long use time, generally 2-3 years. It is the best economical product and has a great impact on photosynthesis. It is a suitable item for leafy vegetables. So the covering time should be reduced for some vegetables that prefer bland. Although the silver-gray shade net is not as good as the black one, it has less effect on the photosynthesis of vegetables, and can be used for bright vegetables such as eggplant fruit. It is precisely because of its color that this silver-gray mesh has good light transmittance, which has the effect of avoiding aphids and preventing virus diseases. The shading net with a shading rate of 75% can meet the growth needs of cabbage.

Some customers use white shade net for strawberry seedlings and strawberry planting. The common ones are white shading nets with a width of 30cm, which are used to isolate the strawberry fruit from the black plastic film and reduce the occurrence of roasted fruit, rotten fruit and some diseases, so it can be Offer commodity rates. The blue shade net can slow down the growth of crops, delay the flowering period, and make the branches of crops short and compact. According to the weaving process, sunshade nets can be divided into plain weave nets and knitted nets.

Their manufacturing process is different. The plain weave shade net has low yield and high production cost. The knitted shade net has high yield and relatively low production cost. Last but not least, the density of the knitted shade net is not fixed. Thinness and consistency can be adjusted, 2 stitches. 3-pin, 4-pin, 6-pin can adjust high density or low density according to actual needs. Therefore, it is difficult to say the percentage shading rate of curtain plants, and the actual needs must be considered according to the growth process of plants.