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What is Agro Shade Net

Many people use  agriculture sun shade net but still many of them don’t know what is agro shade net ? Here we try to give information regarding our product.The whole shade net is made of 100% UV stabilized high-density polyethylene material, which is environmentally friendly, resistant to aging, lightweight, and easy to use!It has a density of 6 stitches Gauge shade Net  and a shading rate of 85%, which can block UV rays and strong sunlight.

It is breathable and light-transmitting, keeping the air fresh, and does not block the photosynthesis of plants. Can be used to cover flowers and plants!The sunshade net has been encrypted and thickened, and the four corners have been reinforced, resistant to pulling, durable, and of better quality! It has a buttonhole at the edges for easy binding and installation.

Our shading nets are made of selected materials and are carefully knitted for exquisite workmanship. Moreover, our shade nets are cheap and durable for everyone to use!Made of high-density polyethylene, UV Protected and environmentally friendly, resistant to aging, corrosion, and pull-resistant, long service life and guaranteed quality.Made with a new type of craft, precision.

Knitting on German make Karl Mayer machine exclusively made to manufacture shade net, exquisite workmanship, and easy folding.Reinforced corner protector, double stitching treatment, one meter, and one buttonhole, easy to use and easy to install. The whole process is German technology, use it with confidence!Use environment: roof, balcony, window, flower, plant, kennel, carport, courtyard, swimming pool, garden, lawn, pond, terrace, park, construction site and other venues.