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What is the manufacturing principle of sunshade net

The products of sunshade net manufacturers are often used in our lives, which can effectively prevent the exposure of the sun, the impact of heavy rain, the harm of high temperature, and the spread of diseases and insect pests. Many people don't know enough about it, so what is its manufacturing principle?

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The main function of the ordinary shading net is to block the sunlight for the greenhouse, that is, to use its reflective surface or opaqueness to reduce the light entering the room in a certain proportion within a certain period of time, thereby preventing the indoor temperature from being too high。

The principle of air rising takes away the hot air accumulated around the sunshade net from the mesh gap, thereby forming a cool microclimate environment, and now there is an additional dustproof effect of the dustproof sunshade net, so it is very popular among consumers. favor.

And it can also have different functional effects according to different covering methods, not only limited to cooling in summer. Because it resists high temperature, it has strong heat resistance. Of course, we should pay attention to its temperature when storing it. Place it in storage conditions and pay attention to maintenance, which can better extend its service life.