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What is the most durable outdoor shade fabric

Shade nets are a special type of net that play an important role in protecting plants from the scorching sun, especially in summer. For plants, optimal temperatures and a sufficiently friendly environment are essential for increased productivity. It is in this situation that shade nets come to the rescue. Shade nets not only affect the production of crops, but also have a significant impact on the quality of crops. It is for these reasons that shade nets are widely used in agricultural gardening and other plant-related activities. But have you ever thought about the cost you spend behind a shade net.

Regular shade net cost may vary from Rs 120/kg to Rs 240/kg or Rs 98/m to Rs 185/m or Rs 750/pc to Rs 1250/pc and finally Rs 115/sq ft to Rs 1150/ Variation between square feet and feet clearly indicates a substantial investment behind the shade net to obtain valuable results from shade net applications. One of the biggest reasons behind this consideration is the quality of shade nets, since the whole purpose of shade nets is to protect plants and crops from different natural factors such as sunlight, hail, blizzards, high winds, etc., the effects of these natural factors are absorbed and shaded shade net. In this case, poor quality shade nets can easily tear and be damaged, increasing your recurring investment.