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What knowledge about the sunshade net house

Agricultural Industry today faces shade net more hardship due to the extreme weather conditions and the change in rainfall patterns over the years. Agriculture has also shifted majorly since the green revolution as today agriculture is not limited to any particular place as it was in the past, today it is possible to cultivate almost anything, anywhere and a part of the reason is the invention of Shade Net House one of the modern inventions that have helped take the agricultural industry to the next level.In very simple words.

Shade Net Houses are the Green Houses that we studied about in school. It is a mechanical structure made out of Galvanized Steel, wood or bamboo with steel couplings covered by Agro nets or Anti Insect net to allow only adequate amount of heat, moisture and air to pass through to create the optimum climatic conditions required for the plant to grow in the healthiest and most efficient way possible.
The main function of shade nets is to reduce light intensity and it does that as it is created by using Polyethylene thread with UV treated material used to block out or reduce the intensity of the light that comes through from the net.

This not only blocks the shade out but also traps the heat that is inside creating the optimum conditions needed for crop growth which makes sure that the crop can grow in an off season also which is efficient given the demand of population right now.
Flat Roof Shade Houses are used for the purpose of light intensity control meaning the amount of light and heat that is allowed inside the shade net houses, they are equipped with a flat roof made with polyethylene and supported by either galvanized steel pipes or bamboo. They are mostly used for cultivation of vegetables in off seasons or special types of fruits and flower cultivation. They are mainly used to meet with the seasonal demands of fruits and vegetables.

These are also used in nurseries also for growth of various types of orchids.
Dome Shaped Net Houses are also used for the same purpose as the previous one but Dome Shaped Net Houses are designed differently keeping in mind the customer specifications of the size and dimensions. Dome Shaped Net Houses are different from the other because of its shape it is more ergonomic and visually pleasing also they require little to no maintenance.Shade nets houses provide a lot of important advantages which makes it indispensible and important for any type of agricultural venture today may it be a small scale farming activity or a large scale commercial farm.Helps in cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers in off seasons and regardless of climatic conditions outside. It helps in providing the optimum climatic conditions due to which the production is also high.