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What's so special about farm fences

HDPE fencing net can play a significant role in agriculture when applied correctly. Shade netting, like Shade Cloth, is essential for greenhouse operations, green net for sun protection for crops from harsh sunlight. Besides protection, shade net is also used as farm fencing net. Farm fencing net protects crops from  animals and gazers.We offer a selection of shade cloth and other types of crop netting in many colors and degrees of shade.

Shade net for garden work assists plants like tomatoes and peas by offering them a structure on which to grow. You’ll also find other types of plant protection netting in this section, including pest control products such as bird netting and pond netting.High quality knitted shade net can provide excellent crop protection from ultraviolet rays and heat. Shade cloth used as windscreen or privacy fencing net.  

Shade net used as fencing net reduces wind speed and is water permeable. Our product is lightweight and easy to install.
Shade cloth doesn’t sound too complicated, but this garden shade net is a marvel. When you need shade netting for plants, we’ve got you covered. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our shade cloth is 20-25% lighter than other woven styles on the market.

The fine mesh features an open lockstitch design allowing water permeation and ventilation yet reducing heat build-up and acting as a windbreak. UV and chemical-resistant, the shade level you request remains constant throughout the shade cloth’s life. It also provides moisture protection by reducing evaporation.
We’re trusted with many farmers for the agriculture needs, you can trust us to defend against pests and harmful UV light, too. Contact us today, and let us show you how much of a difference garden netting can make in your life.