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Will the useless sunshade net lead to a direct reduction in vegetable production

As the light becomes stronger and the temperature rises, the temperature in the shed is too high and the light is too strong, which has become the main factor affecting the growth of crops. To reduce the temperature and light intensity in the shed, shade net are the first choice. However, many farmers recently reported that although the temperature has decreased after using the sunshade net, the crops have problems of weak growth and low yield. After a detailed understanding, we believe that this is caused by the high shading rate of the sunshade net used. There are two main reasons for the high shading rate: one is the problem of the use method; the other is the problem of the sunshade net itself. For the use of sunshade nets, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

Green White Shade Net 100GSM
Green White Shade Net 100GSM
6-pin green and white shade mesh with tonal seam edges. The sunshade net is made of polyethylene (HDPE) material with about 1-5% UV stabilizer and antioxidant. The size can be customized, and its maximum width can reach 12 meters. The weight per square gram of the shading net is 100 grams, and the shading rate can reach more than 90%. The green and white shade net is bright and refreshing, especially suitable for gardens and manors. Can also be used for balcony windscreens.

1. Correct choice of sunshade net
The colors of shade nets on the market are mainly black and silver-gray. Black has high shading rate and good cooling effect, but has a greater impact on photosynthesis. It is more suitable for use on shade-loving crops. If used on some light-loving crops. Coverage time should be reduced. Although the silver-gray shade net is not as effective in cooling as the black one, it has less impact on the photosynthesis of crops and can be used on light-loving crops.

2. Correct use of sunshade nets
There are two types of shading net covering methods: full coverage and pavilion-type coverage. In practical applications, pavilion-type coverage is used more because of its better cooling effect due to smooth air circulation.

The specific method is: use the skeleton of the arch shed to cover the sunshade net on the top, and leave a ventilation belt of 60-80 cm on it. If covered with a film, the sunshade net cannot be directly covered on the film, and a gap of more than 20 cm should be left to use the wind to cool down. Although covering the sunshade net can reduce the temperature, it also reduces the light intensity, which has an adverse effect on the photosynthesis of crops, so the covering time is also very important, and it should be avoided throughout the day. When the temperature drops to 30 ℃, the shade net can be removed, and it is not covered on cloudy days to minimize the adverse effects on crops.